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Our Story

Bombaare, a women's clothing brand originating from Ghana and currently based in Chicago, was established in 2018 by Sheila Bombaar, a passionate creative director with a deep appreciation for history, arts, and culture.

Drawing inspiration from significant historical events that sparked a wave of expressive fashion in Africa and the diaspora, the brand explores fine textiles to weave narratives that pay homage to the wearers and their experiences. Highly informed by the African antecedent, we are committed to conveying the essence, value, strength, and resilience of women who have faced adversity and continue to strive for global recognition. We believe that dresses possess a metaphysical connection with human beings, and as such, we blend theory with practice to create garments that are not merely representative but also define individual personalities. Our focus lies in aesthetically pleasing details, redefining modern women with carefully crafted bodices, accentuated curves, and unique silhouettes.


Core Values

At Bombaare, we believe fashion is an expression of individuality and style. We are passionate about creating unique and exquisite designs that reflect the true personal style of our clients. With every client in mind, we strive to bring your sartorial expectation to life.

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With a team of talented designers, we pour love into every garment we create, to speak directly to the woman within you. Meticulous craftsmanship and the use of the finest materials are our biggest strengths, through which we ensure that each piece carries an artisanal effect. From concept development to the final stitch, we pay unwavering attention to every detail, striving to deliver exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.

Explore our collections and discover the elegance, creativity and quality that define Bombaare.