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Project Tie & Dye 2022

This project is a creative campaign featuring dresses crafted from tie and dye fabric, widely recognized as Adire. Its backdrop is deliberately chosen to reflect the historical context of Africans and African Americans in the diaspora, set amidst rustic, untidy, humble, and disorderly abodes. The campaign draws inspiration from the 1960s fashion movement, a time when puff sleeves, tribal dress motifs, and voluminous afros served as powerful expressions of African identity and cultural heritage.

Each dress is a testament of painstaking attention to detail, incorporating traditional embellishments like cowrie shells. The disheveled backgrounds in the photographs are symbolic of the enduring struggles of Africans in their quest for equality since the 1960s.

The two black models embody the unwavering determination and progress of black individuals in their pursuit of freedom. Simultaneously, the white model signifies the solidarity and support from diverse racial communities advocating for equality, decolonization, and inclusivity.